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Chapter 9: Intersectionality and you will Normative Maleness in the Northeast Brazil

Chapter 9: Intersectionality and you will Normative Maleness in the Northeast Brazil

Intersectionality is ways to the study of public inequality one examines just how sex, battle, ethnicity, category, and sex overlap to form one’s public term therefore the means the public term affects their standing inside public hierarchies (Crenshaw 1989)

Within part, the author uses an enthusiastic intersectional lens to examine how gender, competition, and you can group impact the gender roles, sex efficiency, and you may stayed skills in the office–group, cisgender, Black colored Brazilian men. Mcdougal explores how for the a rural Northeast Brazilian community, a decrease in need for male professionals prevented males off keeping their opportunities once the monetary organization due to their family, hence challenged dominating impression out-of knob and power, undertaking a great “crisis from masculinity” to have working-classification Black colored men.

Particularly, in North america, Latin The united states, and Caribbean particular qualities regarding the normative manliness is actually whiteness, heterosexuality, and you can center- otherwise top-group updates

  • So you’re able to identify intersectionality and give an explanation for need for a keen intersectional approach to the study of manliness.
  • To explain the brand new basics from marginalized masculinities, thwarted manliness, and you will crisis out-of masculinity.
  • So you’re able to determine the brand new principles out-of compensatory maleness and you can exculpatory chauvinism and you will incorporate these to the latest Brazilian ethnographic case study exhibited in this chapter. (más…)