This is my 3rd and final time

The site works quickly and easily. It’s notable the search / preference options are very limited Vs say Seeking. Payment (males only) by buying tokens appears fair. However..expect to receive a significant volume of messages, you reply (cost) and often that is it. You’ll never hear again from them. Applies equally to verified and non verified accounts.There are real people out there, but sorting the wheat from the chaff is tedious. SB really need to work out how to address this, it spoils the experience for genuine users.I’ve been in touch with SB and we’ve reached an outcome which works for me and is reflected in the rating, I’ll continue to use the site.

Why does the paying customer have to complete a full profile. but the females don’t! Expect SB to heavily edit or redact your profile.

Since sitting at zero credits and a Bitcoin only account. not a single message received, not a single reply from those previously messaged. How very strange!

Avoid. the site is supporting fake profiles & failing to act on fakes. They ask you to supply screen shots. but employ blocking software to prevent this.

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This is my 3rd and final time attempting this site. So many ads (so many it seems fake) and 95+% never respond. I find that the site admins helped but said put a picture up it will make the difference – why for what purpose it is “secret” benefits. I am not publicly placing my face and paid good money to be on this site 2x!! I wish everyone luck but I kept getting my hopes up and trying without any real substance.

if u an alpha w/ game

if u an alpha w/ game, SB got plenty hot women. beta maybe score a virtual relationship. all kinds looking for all types but gotta do the work to get results u want

Encouraged by the prospects

It’s unfortunate to see a couple of men saying they aren’t having luck here, yet I’m encouraged by the praise I’m seeing. I’m a newbie, just 12 days in on secret benefits. I wanted to see if there were tips or insights that other members are talking about. I’m having a great time checking out the options within my city area. It’s a smooth and easy site. Pics load great. I would like to see all profile with verification videos but understand the privacy issue for some. Anyway, 2 very active chats going at the moment and excited to see who turns up and where it takes me

Avoid, the paying customer is always wrong. A shame, for a few small changes the site could be so much better.

There are real people on site and I’ve met a few for coffee / drinks. They were genuine and looking for help, often financial but sometimes more practical, life advice you might call it.

The downsidesComplain and you will be switched to Bitcoin only payment, sufficiently tortuous so as to make it impossible to use.

Other lower score (average or less) reviews I looked at today comment fairly on generic messages, non reply profiles etc, I think they’re accurate. I did notice many female profiles are minimal to empty.

With a change in attitude to the paying customer, better screening of barely complete female profiles they could really do quite well.

As it stands, I couldn’t return to the site, even if it we’re to improve. A real shame, because as mentioned above there are real people looking for a connection and I’ve almost always enjoyed the meetings.



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